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Food is sacred. It is therefore our duty to keep our cuisine pure by following the most stringent hygiene standards in preparing and serving it.We serve authentic Hyderabadi, Indian cuisine to our guests every day.

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“Masala” means  “Spice”, but by that we do not mean “spicy”. To us, Masala is flavor and that’s one of the many things that “Masala Bowl” brings to the table.While Americans have embraced other ethnic dining experiences, Indian food has not been recognized  on a larger scale. We felt there was a way to bring fresh,delicious Indian food to the masses without compromising flavor or consistency. That’s why “Masala Bowl” was born.At “Masala Bowl” we prepare fresh food when you order. We strive to satisfy people who are tired of the same old routine at meal time and with over 50 possible curry combinations, along with our succulent Tandoor dishes and unique wraps, there’s always something new to try here. Weather you crave spicy, mild , bold or tangy, we have something that will leave your taste buds begging for more. So go ahead and drive into a new world of flavor today and experience “Masala Bowl”; A Revolution in Taste!

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